Energy Wastage Gone Crazy!

At the One Alpha Group, we can't say with any definite certainty that we 101% know everything there is to know about energy efficiency and energy management, although we'd be willing to hazard a humbly non-boastful guess that our ideas might be better than most. This, however, is an outstanding example of how not to manage energy efficiently. Will you tell them or shall I?

Electrical Safety In Vehicles

Electrical safety is always of paramount importance in every situation, and oftentimes it is quite obvious exactly what electrical safety constitutes, or how it applies to a specific situation. Have you ever thought about electrical safety in the case of a vehicle accident? Probably not, in One Alpha's experience. After all, you are already shaken up enough by being involved in a collision without having to think of electrical safety too. But you really need to. Watch to see why ...

Solar Energy, Solar Power - For The Future, For NOW!

This solar power video examines the use of solar power banks and shows how solar energy is collected using solar panels in some pretty major industries. It was shot on the roof of a major motor vehicle manufacturing plant, and shows how the company has slashed their power bills with a huge number of solar panels in circuit with solar power banks - to accumulate the solar power - that together have dropped the electricity costs of a factory that uses a lot of electricity by a very cost-significant margin. Advising on the suitability of solar power and solar energy for your factory or office building is just one of the myriad range of power management services offered by the One Alpha Group. Call us about it on +607-2345153 today.

Electrical Inspection 'Never-Do's' and Single Line Diagrams

In this video, we see some of the most common 'failures' that clients make when it comes to the absolute integrity of their electrical installations, and why they are so often unsafe. On the good side, the electrical single line diagram they have on the wall is a perfect ec=xemple

Protective Relay Calibration - THE WHAT AND WHY

Attention to Director of Engineering, Building Managers and Property Managements. Please watch this video.

Electrical Protection Relays - Explanation and View

Electrical protection relays are an essential element of the system that protects industrial and commercial premises against potentially lethal electrical malfunctions. In this short video, we see a bank of 22kV electrical protection relays during an electrical inspection of a factory in Johor Bahru

Electrical inspection - 5 star hotel with secret door

This is another quirky event on our electrical inspection adventures. The electrical room of a 5-star hotel is hidden behind a secret door that no-one would ever see if they were not to look for it. I challenge one of our electrical inspection trainees to find it, and he rises to it well ...

Electrical Inspection Sights Liquid Oxygen Escape

Another example of some of the more unusual sights we get to see when we are out on the road, visiting clients to carry out the necessary electrical inspections. In this video, a tanker is offloading a consignment of liquid gas (oxygen) and a percentage of it seems to be escaping, creating a very cooling cloud just above the ground. A very unusual electrical inspection moment ...

Electrical Inspection Sights - Flying Digger

Whilst out and about working on-site to carrying out electrical inspections at various businesses, electrical engineers often get to see some unusual or funny sites. Here is one such example, a trench or road digger that suddenly acquires the ability to fly, aided by strong chains and a very powerful crane! The joys of electrical inspections ...

Electrical inspection failures - no open panels

Another video recorded during a recent electrical inspection where the business undergoing electrical inspection has adopted an unsafe strategy for tackling a problem concerning their main electrical switchboard. The situation regarding the connection from the transformer is perfectly acceptable but the method adopted for cooling the chiller - which by definition will get warm - is far from satisfactory. This will have to appear in the electrical inspection report.

Electrical inspection hazards. Water and electricity - a BAD combination

This was recorded during a recent electrical inspection of an upmarket hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The electrical heart of the hotel looks fine until you notice that an air conditioning unit is dripping a significant amount of water onto the floor. Electricity and water are never a combination that is safe or beneficial so it will be highlighted in the electrical inspection report, as required by the appropriate regulations.

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